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In addition to our design and manufacturing services, we offer a proprietary line of custom products that can make everyday jobs easier and more efficient. Here are a few examples of time-saving, specially engineered and built electronic devices we've built to help our customers streamline processes; increase quality and safety control; and save costs.


The AMI Universal Regulator Test System is designed to automate the testing of airline crew oxygen masks and regulators. this computer-controlled test instrument eliminates the cumbersome manual adjustments of regulators and flow controls by automatically adjusting and monitoring various controls and sensors.

View the Crew Mask Test System product sheet.



The MTDACII is a redesigned and improved version of our popular DAC (digital to analog converter) units. This new design has the same 16bit accuracy as before but in a more rugged enclosure with improved versatility in output options. The same features and reliability are available in the single channel MTDACII-1CH, the two channel MTDACII-2CH, the four channel MTDACII-4CH, and the eight channel MTDACII-8CH. The MTDACII units also have improved status LEDs to indicate that the RS232 communication and the onboard CPU is functioning.

This RS-232 to analog converter that has many applications, the only limits are those of the user's imagination in its implementation. Custom programming is available to meet your unique application demands.

The most common application has been communicating with tank monitoring systems and outputting an analog signal representing the tank volume. This new design can output a signal representing the tank volume, level, temperature, and/or water level. Multiple channel units can output any of these for one tank or multiple tanks or even multiple outputs for the same tank feature. Need two individual 4-20mA current loops for the same tank volume, one to a display and another to a PLC tied to a building inventory management system? No problem. The only limit is the number of channels available on the MTDACII.

Features of the MTDACII include the following:

    Analog output ranges:
  • 0-20mA
  • 4-20mA
  • 0-5Vdc
  • 0-10Vdc
  • Tank features available to output:

  • Product volume
  • Product level
  • Temperature
  • Water level
  • Included with each MTDACII:

  • Mounting brackets
  • RS232 cable (6')
  • AC power adaptor

Download the MTDACII Price Sheet

Download the MTDACII Setup Manual

To place an order for any of the MTDACII units, call 1-816-524-8104.


This board controls the operation of a stair lift - a lift used to move one person between floors in a building. It operates on 24 VAC power or 24 VDC batteries. The control board typically draws power from an AC source and constantly charges its batteries. Should normal AC power be lost, the board automatically switches to battery power to avoid loss of lift use. View the Stair Lift Control Board product sheet.


In conjunction with Volvo Penta and with their technical guidance, AMI developed a system for the marine industry to perform electrical tests on new boats at the manufacturing facility prior to boat delivery to dealers. The test system is capable of testing and verifying all on-board electrical circuits and components of a boat including blowers, pumps, radio, speakers, lights, gauges, switches, etc. It will also verify proper sensor connections to the engine such as temperature, oil pressure, even wiring to the trim tab pumps if the boat is so equipped. View the Marine Tester product sheet.



This computerized test system was designed for the agricultural industry to help calibrate and repair seed meters—devices used by farmers to regulate seed kernel flow through planting equipment. Seed companies also use this system to conduct plantability studies on various types of seed and seed coatings. View the Seed Meter Test System product sheet.


For complete information about AMI custom products and services, please contact us.